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Carmen and Gavin

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

A story with a little divine intervention!
It all began on a path that didn't include each other in any foreseeable future. Gavin was working as an apprentice to become an operating engineer and Carmen was working as a server while attending nursing school.
Until 2015, when both experienced a tremendous loss. For Carmen, her son's father, and for Gavin, his best friend, Jake. From this loss, they met through the incredible friends and family that surround them. After being acquaintances for some time, a friendship sparked! That friendship grew into more and the two began dating in 2018.The rest is both their history and their future. Gavin went on to be a Journeyman, and works for Oakes and Carmen went on to become an RN, working in both labor and delivery, and at St. Monica's Senior Living, where the wedding will take place.
With their three children Grayson, Ellis, and Olavie, they will be celebrating their 6 year anniversary two days after the wedding! Together with their families, they are thrilled to be celebrating this day with you!

From Carmen: What drew me to Gavin was his confidence and sense of humor. What kept me was watching the love between him and my son unfold. I've never witnessed anyone more intentional and devoted.
From Gavin: What drew me to Carmen was her smile, it's contagious. What kept me was seeing how you were with Grayson, you were and are such a good mom.


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Due to the size of our wedding, we will not be able to accommodate children. We look forward to seeing you there!

St. Monica's Senior Living

Our Wedding - Their Home

Please be mindful that our venue is home to over 100 people! With that being said, we respectfully ask that no parties should enter the building at any time. There will be bathrooms available within close proximity to our tent. Thanks in advance.

Gift Registry


After careful thought and consideration, we realized that we are already an established family/home. Your presence is the best gift we could ask for! If would like to give a gift, we would appreciate cash for our honeymoon and home improvements. We also love gift cards to Amazon, Target, and Home Depot!



Please enter parking lot through driveway marked with red line


- There are 15 spaces allotted to those who are handicapped or need assistance to the Rosary Walk

- All other spaces in this area are for wedding guest parking


- Designated areas for wedding guest parking

WHITE X: Rosary Walk where ceremony will take place

PINK X: Tent where reception will take place

*** For those who need assistance, there will be a courtesy ride provided!

Please be mindful and park in a manner that will allow others to exit these parking areas early if needed. There will be an usher to help assist with parking in the grass.